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CensusPlus is a mod which records details about the characters online on your faction's side at the time of the polling. This is done with the liberal use of the in-game /who command via Ace Wholib library. The information is then stored in the CensusPlus.lua in your account's SavedVariables folder which you can then upload to websites like Sites like these sort the information and then display it on their site in chart and graph form.



Current version

The most recent version is v5.0.4a, released on August 28th, 2012. This version is compatible with the Mists of Pandaria pre release 5.0.4.

Current version highlights

  • complete Ace Wholib compatibility, the addon no longer interferes with or is interfered by other Wholib library addons
  • .4a fix release corrected TOC Interface back to beta 50001 which Blizzard didn't change when going live.
  • updated deDE (German) translations

See also

Killing Fields is a mod by the same author that tracks battleground stats and is also used to update the graphs and stats on WarcraftRealms.

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