Cenarius was the demigod of the forests, who originally taught the path of druidism to the Night Elves, founding the Cenarion Circle. He is the son of the Green Aspect Ysera* and the demigod Malorne. Cenarius fought with the Night Elves during the first invasion of the Burning Legion, and later, helped the Sentinels protect and keep the forests of Moonglade and Ashenvale. Cenarius fathered many children including the Dryads and two sons Remulos and Zaetar. During the Third War he led an attack against the Warsong Clan for desecrating the forests. He recognized that the Warsong clan was once again possessed by demons, even if they did not. However, Cenarius underestimated the strength and rage of Grom Hellscream and was killed during an Orc counter attack.

*Some sources claim that Cenarius is in fact the sun of Elune, the Night Elf deity. On this matter, the dragon-mage Krasus once said that it was "complicated".

As a fledgling race, the night elves had a profound curiosity of magic and of their land. Their curiosity led them into the woodlands, where they befriended many creatures, including the demigod, Cenarius.

Cenarius taught the night elves the ways of the forest, and they became allied with many of his faithful creatures, perhaps most notably the feral hippogryphs, who allowed themselves to be ridden by the night elf archers.


Cenarius instructs Malfurion, Tyrande and Illidan

Cenarius was called by the druid Furion Stormrage and the priestess, Tyrande Whisperwind, when Archimonde began his first invasion of the world of Azeroth. Knowing a threat when he heard of one, Cenarius amassed an army of treants to battle them, as well as all his woodland allies. They battled Azshara and her followers and the Legion's diabolical agents and finally destroyed the Well of Eternity in a cataclysmic explosion that sundered the world. Azshara was dead, and the Legion had been permanently banished.

After Illidan's Gift had been realized, Cenarius, very disappointed and alarmed at the night elf's reckless abandon, imprisoned Illidan within a cavern beneath Mount Hyjal.

Once the druids disappeared into the Emerald Dream, Cenarius helped Tyrande with her long vigil. He and his children, the keepers of the grove and their dryad sisters, helped to patrol the woodlands for trouble from the Moonglades. It would be ten thousand years before they found it.

In an effort to keep Grom Hellscream's bloodlust under control, Thrall left the chieftain in Ashenvale as he sought out the Oracle in Stonetalon Peak. Grom was to build a settlement. And he did, leveling most of the forests in the area. This caught the attention of the Sentinels, and once Grom held them off, Cenarius himself was brought to the forefront.

Mannoroth, hoping to use the orcs one last time, spilled his blood into a Fountain of Life, corrupting it utterly. Grom was brought to the fountain, where his clan drank the blood, and were transformed into powerful chaos orcs, who could stand up to the might of Cenarius.

In a titanic battle, Cenarius was killed by Hellscream to make way for the Burning Legion.


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