Celestine of the Harvest is a druid trainer first encountered by worgen players at the Military District[64.9, 71]
and Greymane Court[32.4, 74.6]
in Gilneas City. She can later be found at Duskhaven[36.38, 65.2]
and various locations in Gilneas and finally at a house bordering Olivia's Pond[57.6, 24.8]
in Stormwind City. She was afflicted with the worgen curse, and unlike her brethren and fellow trainers from Gilneas City that moved to Darnassus, she moved to Stormwind City. Due to the destruction of the Park, she is the city's resident druid trainer.

During the Firelands Invasion she can be found patrolling within The Regrowth of Mount Hyjal with other notable druid trainers. Celestine also offers a daily quest during Hallow's End.

See Gilneas NPCs.


Gilneas City
Stormwind City
Hallow's End, Stormwind City (outside in Elwynn)



  • Celestine changes forms at different times of the day from human to worgen when encountered within Stormwind City.

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