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See Character/NPC category restructuring project in WoWWiki:Cat_Team/Projects. The Cat team is slowly going to be implementing this plan, so you may see stuff change. --Fandyllic 6:53 PM PST 11 Jan 2006

I edited and split up the instructions at the top of the main article to include the "Game Characters" Category. I'm assuming the project page is more up to date than what I changed here. -- TheMaster42 01:47, 7 May 2006 (EDT)

One all-inclusive category, or divide all characters in sub-categories?

Request from unknown author: "Wiki-Writers: Please use one of the above categories for the minor in-game vendors, trainers, etc., rather than the "Characters" category. The Characters category should be used primarily for characters with back-story or importance."

I disagree. The "Characters" ARTICLE should be used as you indicate, but it's usefull to have an index of all WoW in-game characters in one place. This does not prohibit also sub-categorizing them by role (i.e. vendor, quest-giver, trainer, etc.).

As for "NPC"; can't we assume that Player Characters will not warrant their own articles on WoWWiki? If so "NPCs"=="Characters".

- Laisren 11 Aug 2005, 08:29 (EDT)

p.s. Major Characters (or Characters of Warcraft or "Important Characters") is actually a sub-set (sub-category) of Category:Characters! - Laisren 08:53, 11 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Ok, I made the new Major Characters category. So I basically moved a lot of stuff that was on the Characters page over there.

Also, "NPC" stands for "non-player character", so we wouldn't be putting Player Characters anywhere in the wiki (except user pages of course).

--FeldmanSkitzoid 21:01, 22 Aug 2005 (EDT)


After a certain number of usage of dots, it seems that the wiki won't continue generating them. (you see the text dot:color instead) Any ideas what's up? - Zalen

Man, that's strange. Well, temp solution: I made a few new template pages - just added a 2 to the end of each one (ie: "dot-orange2").

Oh, and thanks for adding so many. I was afraid I'd have to do it. I'm just the idea man. :)

--FeldmanSkitzoid 03:18, 2 Aug 2005 (EDT)
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