Book Article Names

I've moved the book articles to the names suggested by standard wiki policy. This should make linking to them easier.

Titles of works are an exception to the "no articles" rule, so they include the "the": The Well of Eternity. The article on the Well itself remains under Well of Eternity, so the titles aren't ambiguous. A reference to the book from the thing itself and vice versa is included on the top of each page.

The only book which required parenthetical text to distinguish its article name was The Sundering, since there is a guild called The Sundering. The proposed policy on disambiguations says in this case to apply the parenthetical text to both titles and use the main article name as the disambiguation page.

All of the category links to books which begin with "The" contain a sort key, so they will be filed under the correct letter in the category: [[Category:The Well of Eternity|Well of Eternity]] appears under 'W' in Books.

--Aeleas 15:39, 28 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Is there an appropriate location for External links for books (non-guides)? This appears to be a list of Blizzard/official publications, and I'm looking for the correct place for a third-party publisher book on Warcraft, but I'm not immediately finding a page. It's a small category, so not really worthy of its own entry (I think there have been a half dozen or so at most so far), but I'm stumped as to the correct place to add it.

Gbits (talk) 18:31, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

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