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Functions in this category have been removed from the World of Warcraft API in a previous patch.

The following functions did not have documentation at wowwiki before they were removed, or were removed on 4.0 or later. Functions should be placed here when then are removed, and then removed from World of Warcraft API on the next major patch. This allows the removal to be documented here, while allowing new, renamed and old functions to be compared on the main page for one full major release.

Removed in 5.0.4 Edit

Group Functions Edit

GetNumPartyMembers() - Returns the number of players in your party, excluding yourself (0-4).
GetNumRaidMembers() - Returns the number of players in your battleground raid group (0-40).
GetRealNumPartyMembers() - Returns the number of other players in your home non-battleground party.
GetRealNumRaidMembers() - Returns the number of players in your non-battleground raid group.
IsPartyLeader() - Returns true if the player is the party leader.
IsRaidLeader() - Returns a value based on whether the player is a raid leader
IsRaidOfficer() - Returns a value based on whether the player is a raid officer (assistant (?)).
UnitIsPartyLeader("unit") - Returns true if the unit is the leader of its party.
UnitIsRaidOfficer("unit") - Returns whether the specified unit is an officer in your raid.

Talent and Specialization Functions Edit

GetActiveTalentGroup(isInspect, isPet) - returns the active specialization for the specified character/pet. (New in 3.1)
GetNumTalentGroups(isInspect, isPet) - returns the number of available specialization groups for the specified character/pet. (New in 3.1)
GetNumTalentTabs([inspect[,pet]]) - return number of talent trees (usually 3). The inspect argument is new with 2.3.
GetPrimaryTalentTree(index) - Returns your primary talent tree tab id
GetTalentTabInfo(tabIndex[,inspect][,isPet][, groupIndex]) - return name, iconTexture, pointsSpent, background, and previewPointsSpent. The inspect argument is new with 2.3, the isPet argument with 3.0.2; groupIndex in 3.1.
GetTalentTreeRoles(treeIndex [, isInspect [, isPet]]) - Returns role ids for given talent tree specialization
GetUnspentTalentPoints([isInspect [,isPet)]] - Returns the number of unspent talent points.
SetActiveTalentGroup(talentGroupIndex) - switch the character's talents to the specified talent group
SetActiveTalentGroup(talentGroupIndex) - switch the character's talents to the specified talent group

Removed in 4.0 Edit

Skill Functions Edit

AbandonSkill(index) - The player abandons a skill.
AcceptSkillUps() - Accepts changes to skills; unused on live realms.
AddSkillUp(index) - Spends skill points to improve a skill; unused on live realms.
BuySkillTier(index) - Learns the next tier of a skill; unused on live realms.
CancelSkillUps() - Rejects changes to skills; unused on live realms.
GetNumSkillLines() - get the number of lines in the skill window, including headers
GetSkillLineInfo(index) - get the information for a selected skill

Unsorted Edit

GetArenaCurrency() - Gets the amount of arena points a player currently has to spend. See GetCurrencyInfo() instead
IsBattlefieldArena() - Returns true if the battlemaster you're talking to can queue you for arenas
CloseBattlefield() - Closes the queue for battlefield window.
GetBattlefieldInfo(index) - Returns detailed information on the Battlefield you last opened a queue window for.
GetBattlefieldInstanceInfo(index) - Get the instance ID for a battlefield.
GetHonorCurrency() - Gets the amount of honor points the player currently has to spend. See GetCurrencyInfo() instead
GetNumBattlefields() - Get the number of running battlefields for the last battleground queue window you opened.
GetSelectedBattlefield() - Get the selected battlefield to join first.
SetSelectedBattlefield(index) - Select the battlefield instance you want to join or the first one that becomes available.
GetDamageBonusStat() - returns index of which stat a player receives a damage bonus from increasing
SetGuildBankTabWithdraw(tab, amount) - Modifies the stacks per day withdraw limit for select guild bank tab. Guild Leader Only.
GetHonorCurrency() - Return the amount of honor the player has available to purchase items.
GetAvailableRoles() - Returns which LFG roles your character may fulfill.
ClickStablePet(index) - ?.
GetNumStablePets() - Returns the number of pets in the stable.
GetNumStableSlots() - Returns the number of stable slots you own.
GetSelectedStablePet() - ?.
StablePet(index) - ?.
UnstablePet(index) - ?
BuyPetition(arenaFormat, "teamName") - Purchases an arena team charter.
TurnInArenaPetition(teamSize, ...) - Founds an arena team.
GetBaseMip() - Get the world appearance Texture Detail.
GetCVarAbsoluteMax("cVar") - ?
GetCVarAbsoluteMin("cVar") - ?
GetCVarMax("cVar") - ?
GetCVarMin("cVar") - ?
GetFarclip() - Get the world appearance Terrain Distance.
GetTerrainMip() - Get the world appearance Terrain Texture.
SetBaseMip(value) - Set the world appearance Texture Detail (0,1).
SetFarclip(value) - Set the world appearance Terrain Distance.
SetTerrainMip(value) - Set the world appearance Terrain Texture (0,1).
GetKnownSlotFromHighestRankSlot(slot) - ?.
GetSpellName(spellID, "bookType") - Returns the spell name and spell rank for a spell in the player's spellbook.
UpdateSpells() - Causes "SPELLS_CHANGED" event to occur.
RestoreVideoStereoDefaults() - New in 3.0.8
GetTrackingTexture() - Return the texture of the current tracking buff, if one is active.
CollapseTrainerSkillLine(index) - Collapses a header, hiding all spells below it.
ExpandTrainerSkillLine(index) - Expands a header, showing all spells below it.
GetTrainerServiceStepIncrease() - ?.
GetTrainerServiceStepReq - ?.
GetTrainerSkillLineFilter() - ?;
GetTrainerSkillLines() - ?;
IsTrainerServiceSkillStep() - ?.
SetTrainerSkillLineFilter() - ?.
UnitCharacterPoints("unit") - Returns the number of unspent talent points for the specified unit -- usually 0.

Removed in 3.3.5 Edit

Unsorted Edit

UI ToggleCombatLog - Opens/closes the combat log.

Patch 3.3.3 Edit

Unsorted Edit

ShowBattlefieldList(index) - Displays a queue window for the specified battlefield. Only works if you are already in a queue for the battlefield. Index corresponds to location in queue array.

Patch 3.3.0 Edit

Unsorted Edit

CheckReadyCheckTime() - Unknown, called from UIParent's OnUpdate!
CanSendLFGQuery(typeID, lfgNdx)
CancelPendingLFG() - Takes the player out of all LFG queues.
ClearLFGAutojoin() - Disables LFG auto join (being invited to other groups automatically).
ClearLFMAutofill() - Disables LFM auto fill (inviting other players automatically).
GetLFGPartyResults(type, lfgNdx, index, partyIndex)
GetLFGResults(type, lfgNdx, index)
GetLookingForGroup() - returns the player's current LFG state.
GetNumLFGResults(type, lfgNdx)
LFGQuery(typeID, lfgNdx [, class])
SetLFGAutojoin() - Enables LFG auto join (automatic invites to other groups).
SetLFMAutofill() - Enables LFM auto fill (sending automatic invites to other players).
SetLookingForGroup(slot, type, index) - sets a looking for group destination for one of the tree LFG slots.

Removed prior to 3.3.0 Edit

Crafting Functions Edit

Crafting API was absorbed into the TradeSkill API in 3.0. The following functions were not documented at the time of removal:

GetCraftCooldown(index) - Returns the number of seconds left for a skill to cooldown.

Lottery Functions Edit

The following funtions were added in 1.12, but never actually used; subsequently removed in 2.3.


Unsorted Edit

ChatFrameLog()   - Obsolete (1.7)
GetBattlefieldWorldStateUIInfo(index)   - Get score and flag status within a battlefield.   - Removed in 1.12
GetNumBattlefieldWorldStateUI()   - Get the number of World State UI Info available.   - Removed in 1.12
InviteToParty("unit")   - Invite a unit to a party by its unit id (likely "target") (replaced by InviteUnit("unit"))
IsFeignDeath()   - Returns 1 if the player is feigning death, nil otherwise. -- Removed in 2.1. See UnitIsFeignDeath.
PickupSendMailCOD(amount) - This does not appear to exist any longer.
PickupSendMailMoney(amount) - This does not appear to exist any longer.
ReportBug("text") - Removed in 1.3.0
ReportNote("text") - Removed in 1.3.0
ReportSuggestion("text","category") - Removed in 1.3.0
SetupWorldMapScale() replaced by SetupFullscreenScale in 1.12.
UninviteByName("name")   - Uninvites (kicks) the named player from the current group if player is group leader. (Removed in 2.0, replaced by UninviteUnit("unit")).
UninviteFromParty("unit")   - Kick a unit from the party if player is group leader. (Removed in 2.0, replaced by UninviteUnit("unit")).
GuildUninviteByName("name")   - kicks the defined player from the guild (?). (Removed in 2.0?, replaced by GuildUninvite("name")).
GetPlayerBuffApplications(id or "name"[,"rank"]) - Retrieves the number of applications of a debuff or buff. (replaced with UnitBuff in 3.0)
GetPlayerBuffDispelType(id or "name"[,"rank"]) - Get the debuff type for a player debuff ("Magic", "Curse", "Disease", or "Poison".) (replaced with UnitBuff in 3.0)
PromoteByName("name") - Promotes by name the target. (Probably PromoteToLeader).
GetWorldDetail() - Get the world appearance Environment Detail. (removed 3.0.2)
HideFriendNameplates() - Turn off display of nameplates above friendly units. (Now controlled by nameplateShowFriends CVar))
SetWorldDetail(value) - Set the world appearance Environment Detail (0,1,2). (removed 3.0.2)
ShowFriendNameplates() - Turn on display of nameplates above friendly units. (Now controlled by nameplateShowFriends CVar)
HideNameplates() - Turn off display of nameplates. (Now controlled by nameplateShowEnemies CVar)
ShowNameplates() - Turn on display of nameplates. (Now controlled by nameplateShowEnemies CVar)
CanSendInvite() - Returns true or false for if player can invite players to current event
SetDoodadAnim() - ?.
GetDoodadAnim() - ???
GuildSetLeaderByName("name") - Set member of guild as a new Guilmaster. Only Guildmaster.
IsTabViewable(tab) - Returns true if specified tab is viewable by player, false otherwise
SetInventoryPortaitTexture - ?.
SetLFGType(slot, type)
CollapseAllHeaders() (Removed in 3.1.0; possibly in favour of CollapseAllFactionHeaders)
ExpandAllHeaders() (Removed in 3.1.0; possible in favour of ExpandAllFactionHeaders)

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