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Instance Level Location Notes
Instance portal green Baradin Hold Raid Tol Barad [51, 50]
Basically the center of the island.
Instance portal green Bastion of Twilight Raid Twilight Highlands [34, 78]
Entrance found atop the Twilight Citadel.
Instance portal green Blackwing Descent Raid Burning Steppes [23, 26]
Fly up to Nefarian ledge [27, 25]
Instance portal green Throne of the Four Winds Raid Uldum [38, 81]
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Blackrock Caverns 80-83 Blackrock Mountain, [66, 62]

[72, 53]
From the south entrance of the mountain: Turn right in the main chamber, then first tunnel on your right, turn right at the piles of rubble (easy to miss). If you go up the ramp you've gone too far.
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Grim Batol 85 Twilight Highlands [19, 54]
If on foot without access to Twilight Highlands, only accessible from the northern Wetlands entrance [80, 48]
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Halls of Origination 85 Uldum [72, 52]
Enter the pyramid from the east.
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Lost City of Tol'vir 84-85 Uldum [61, 64]
Entrance on the north side of city
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Stonecore 81-84 Deepholm [47, 52]
Fly about half-way up the western outside of the spire.
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Throne of the Tides 80-83 Abyssal Depths [71, 29]
Swim down into the vortex. Once inside The Abyssal Maw, the instance is to your north-east.
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Vortex Pinnacle 81-85 Uldum [77, 84]

Firelands Raid is located in Hyjal at the base of Sulfuron Spire

Dragon Soul is in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris.

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