Inv box petcarrier 01
  • Cat Carrier (Bombay)
  • Item Level 20
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
  • Sell Price: 10Silver
  • Vendor 40Silver


Cat Carrier (Bombay) summons a Battle pet housecat named Bombay.


Bombay cats are available for 40Silver from Donni Anthania in Elwynn Forest. Only Alliance members may purchase this pet directly. Members of the Horde can only purchase this cat through Neutral Auction Houses.


A sample "Bombay" exists as a neutral level 1 beast at Donni Anthania's home.


Name Level Damage Healing Duration Cooldown Accuracy Type
[Claw] 1 24 90% Pet type beast
[Rake] 2 15 2 turns 100% Pet type beast
[Devour] 4 30 60 1 turn 100% Pet type beast
[Pounce] 10 25 95% Pet type beast
[Screech] 15 10 4 turns 100% Pet type beast
[Prowl] 20 2 turns 5 turns 100% Pet type beast


Obtaining a Bombay Cat can aid the completion of the Battle Pet achievement:

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