This article is about the in-game term. For the Warsong Gulch achievement of the same name, see Capture the Flag (achievement).

Capture the flag is a generic term for any type of battle that involves moving a flag from its starting position to a home position ("capture" or "cap") to score points. Variants of "capture the flag" used in World of Warcraft are found in the Warsong Gulch and Eye of the Storm battlegrounds.

Capture Edit

  1. Find the flag to capture and right-click the flag. This attaches the flag to you and you become the flag bearer.
  2. Take the flag back to your base.

Complications Edit

  • The bearer can be easily spotted, as the flag leaves a red/blue trail, depending on if it is the horde or alliance flag.
  • Every member of the other side who can see the bearer is trying to kill the bearer.
  • If the bearer is killed, they drop the flag on that spot of ground.
  • If a member of the bearer's team grabs the flag, they become the new bearer.
  • If a member of the flag's team grabs it, the flag teleports back to its stand.
  • Your flag must be on its stand to be able to return the enemy flag. Sometimes teams will use this as an advantage, and if they are ahead, will either hide or heavily guard the bearer to keep the other team from scoring. (Warsong Gulch only)
  • Any ability or spell that provides complete immunity should cause the flag to drop.
  • If you use stealth or attempt to get on a mount you will drop the flag, but oddly, different druid forms will still allow you to pick up the flag.
  • When resurrecting, you are probably going to resurrect faster by staying in the graveyard and waiting for the resurrection cycle to finish, instead of finding your corpse, as it takes to minutes before you can resurrect by your corpse. If there is a spawn killer nearby, either option would probably prove equally effective.
  • If you die, enemies may remove your insignia, making it impossible to resurrect by your corpse, and only at the graveyard.

Goals Edit

Your team has 2 competing goals.

  1. Keep your flag on its stand (Warsong Gulch), or take the flag before the enemy can (Eye of the Storm).
  2. Bring the flag to your flag stand.
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