Captive Proto-Drake is an NPC freed by the player character during the quest Cold Hearted.


During the quest Cold Hearted, your mission is to free 3 proto-drakes, and 9 Brunnhildar prisoners.

The Proto-Drakes are all in the air, chained to the spires of Dun Niffelem in the Storm Peaks. To free one, you must fly close to it, and mount it. (It then becomes a Freed Proto-Drake, of course.)

Freed Proto-Drake

The Proto-drake smells freedom and heads homewards!

Vehicle This Proto-Drake can be mounted.

Once freed, the proto-drake serves as a vehicle. It has one ability:

  • Spell frost frostblast.png  [Ice Shard]ω ϖ 50 yd range—Frees a Brunnhildar Prisoner from Dun Niffelem.

It can carry one prisoner in each claw, and one more behind you.

You get the drake to break prisoners free of the ice entombing them, pick them up (at a distance!), and get out of there. Meanwhile, giants in range will be throwing things at you. Your drake will get hurt if it stays too long after attracting attention. Once you get a short distance away from Dun Niffelem, it will automatically fly back to Brunnhildar Village.

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