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Captain Florence can be found on the Alliance ship, The Intrepid[68.1, 73.9]
, above the east side of the Shimmering Expanse in Vashj'ir. This rare mob will be hard to kill below level 83 for Horde players as you will have to board the Alliance ship and survive against two to three Intrepid Deckhands that have close to 40k HP before engaging the captain. These NPC guards will attack as soon as you board the ship. Whilst these NPC guards have low HP they do a high amount of damage.


  • Ranged players will not be able to attack them from the water before boarding the boat as these attacks will be evaded. This same rule applies to the captain.
  • Drops 2-3Gold which is about 10 times the normal drop for this mob type.
  • Appears to give well above average XP (49,000 to 75,000?).
  • Since this rare NPC is Alliance friendly, he can't be killed by Alliance players.

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