Inv letter 11


On the seafloor [71.5, 51]
, in the a footlocker (fixed device) underwater around the base of one of the posts (in the andgle of the "L") of the northeastern-most dock of the Theramore Docks.

Captain's Documents as a quest objective

This item is an objective of the quest Horde 15 [35] The Theramore Docks.


Bleeding Sparrow Manifest

The Bleeding Sparrow: Manifest

(20) barrels rum. Destination: Theramore

(50) sacks flour. Destination: Theramore

(2) crates assorted gnome tools. Destination: Ratchet

(30) bolts cotton cloth. Destination: Theramore

(4) crates spices. Destination: Theramore

(3) passengers. Destination: Theramore


I wish you fortune in your journeys. Regrettably, fortune did not favor our first abduction attempt.

When our team made contact with the target in the Stormwind/Ironforge tunnels, they found only a decoy. It appears he showed more wisdom than we accredited him.

But our second plan is already in motion. Defias agents are prepared to intercept the target as he approaches Theramore. Soon Stormwind will feel our bite all too keenly..



Ironically, Horde cannot read this document, but Alliance can't ever get it. Supposedly, this is a remnant of when the Forsaken could understand and speak Common (in Alpha or Beta).[citation needed]

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