The Cape of Stranglethorn in Cataclysm

The Cape of Stranglethorn is the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, designated as the piece of land south of the area around the Gurubashi Arena.

In Cataclysm

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Changes occurring to areas [1]:

Travel Connections

Flight Master Locations

Neutral 15 Booty Bay
Alliance 15 Explorers' League Digsite
Horde 15 Hardwrench Hideaway


Neutral 15 Booty BayNeutral 15 Ratchet, Northern Barrens


WoW Icon 16x16 In-game

Regions Adjacent to Cape of Stranglethorn

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Alliance 15 Access Horde 15 Access
Northern Stranglethorn Horde 15 Alliance 15 25-30 North MiniIcon FlightMaster from Booty Bay to Rebel Camp; also MiniIcon FlightMaster from Explorers' League Digsite to Fort Livingston MiniIcon FlightMaster from Booty Bay or Hardwrench Hideaway to Grom'gol Base Camp; also MiniIcon FlightMaster from Hardwrench Hideaway to Bambala


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