For the item, see [Candy Cane].
Candy Cane starts out as a quest giver at the KTC Headquarters[56.8, 76.9]
in Kezan; she is also the girlfriend of new male goblin players. Later on the Lost Isles[39.2, 24.8]
she dumps male players and begins dating Chip Endale. When Chip is eventually killed, Candy begins dating the Trade Prince he served. For her fickle ways, players are tasked with cutting out her [Fickle Heart].



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Lost Isles


On aggro:

Candy Cane says: But, sweetie...?

At 10%

Candy Cane yells: You never tried to get anywhere. I'm so glad I finally found a real man who can satisfy my shopping needs.



  • Candy shows up on Shipwreck Shore in the Lost Isles sometime before players accept the quest Help Wanted.

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