Camp Boff

Camp Boff

Camp Boff [62, 72]
is together with Camp Cagg, Camp Kosh and Camp Wurg, the home of some of the Dustbelcher ogres. The Dustbelchers are primitive ogres who stay at their camps. One exception though is their leader who patrols the Badlands between the four ogre bases. It is believed that a small party of dwarves also are primarily targeting the Dustbelcher ogres.

Camp Boff is the southeastern camp and is a small Camp, only guarded by three Dustbelcher Ogres and do only consist of a Cauldron, a Cart and a tent.

In CataclysmEdit

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Northwest of Camp Boff is a small Horde camp with a flight master; just past this camp is a new dig site into an underground area that appears very similar to Uldaman.[1]

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