Calis Wraithson was a lich that fought during The Scourge of Lordaeron against the Alliance.[1][2]


Calis Wraithson

As seen in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Calis Wraithson was the leader of a green Undead Scourge base located near Hearthglen.

One night he and Venim Iceblade decided to attack Hearthglen and all the nearby villages. They sent an Undead Caravan to the villages and undeads against Hearthglen.[1]

Meanwhile in Hearthglen Arthas arrived and killed the infected villagers, and then prepared the defense of the city. After a long and unsuccesfull siege Calis Wraithson decided to attack by himself, but at he and his troops were destroying the city Uther the Lightbringer and his Knights of the Silver Hand arrived and defeated the undead.[1]

This failure was startling to the arrogant Calis, who began doubting his powers and the strength of the Scourge. He slowed down his attacks on large towns, beginning to take control of small hamlets and roads. His fears emerged when he was ambushed by human soldiers during a savage massacre, while he was able to destroy this force with his powerful spells, it shook the capable Calis severely.

Northrend Edit

Calis, however, managed to survive and retired to Northrend. The next month Arthas arrived Northrend to hunt down Malganis and found Calis in a green undead base.

He was truly loyal to Mal'ganis and began to doubt the motives of the Lich King, Calis began fearing his own death at the hands of the Lich King and the manipulated Arthas. Calis tried to kill Arthas and all his warriors, but they were reinforced by Muradin Bronzebeard and some dwarves, and sent a counter attack, killing Calis in the battle.[2]

Personality Edit

Once a capable and proud Sorceror, his ascension to Lich and aggressive Scourge campaign was twined with his growing friendship with fellow Lich, Venim Iceblade was evidence of his aggressive and arrogant attitude. However his failure at Hearthglen, death of Venim and ambush by Human soldiers shook this Lich to flee to Northrend where he would end his life. He was prone to doubt and weakness, as well as using his Scourge instead of engaging directly.

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