Cache of Storms

The Cache of Storms

Cache of Storms can be found in Ulduar. You must defeat Thorim in order to access this object.

Content Edit

Normal Mode
Inv shoulder 22
Inv shoulder 22
Inv shoulder 22
Inv belt 14
Inv helmet 100
Inv gauntlets 55
Inv mace 89
Inv pants cloth 30

Normal Hard Mode
Inv weapon shortblade 79
Inv gauntlets 62
Inv misc rune 11
Inv jewelry necklace 46
Spell ice rune

Heroic Mode
Inv helmet 24
Inv helmet 24
Inv helmet 24
Inv belt 45a
Inv pants cloth 27
Inv spiritshard 02
Inv jewelry ring 54
Inv mace 91

Heroic Hard Mode
Inv chest leather 16
Inv jewelry ring 69
Inv shoulder 01
Inv weapon crossbow 33
Inv helmet 134
Inv shield 65

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