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The Cache of Mau'ari is a lucky charm created by Witch Doctor Mau'ari. When carried, it allows a character to pick up items from certain Winterspring enemies called e'ko.


This item is a quest reward from Neutral 15 [60] Cache of Mau'ariω τ ϖ.

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When you defeat certain Winterspring enemies while carrying the Cache, you might pick up e'ko. These items can be turned in to Witch Doctor Mau'ari to get special consumable buff items.

Quest E'ko Type Need to Defeat Buffing Item
Chillwind E'ko Inv stone 01 [Chillwind E'ko] Chillwind Chimaeras
Were you looking for the old item, [Juju Chill]?
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  • Juju Chill
  • Chance on successful melee or ranged attack to flash freeze your target for 4 sec . This magic only works in Winterspring.
  • Duration: 10 minutes remaining

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Frostmaul E'ko Inv stone 01 [Frostmaul E'ko] Frostmaul Giants Inv misc monsterscales 07 [Juju Might]
Frostsaber E'ko Inv stone 01 [Frostsaber E'ko] Frostsaber Cats Inv misc monsterscales 17 [Juju Flurry]
Ice Thistle E'ko Inv stone 01 [Ice Thistle E'ko] Ice Thistle Yetis Inv misc monsterscales 17 [Juju Escape]
Shardtooth E'ko Inv stone 01 [Shardtooth E'ko] Shardtooth Bears Inv misc monsterscales 15 [Juju Ember]
Wildkin E'ko Inv stone 01 [Wildkin E'ko] Winterspring Owlbeasts Inv misc monsterscales 13 [Juju Guile]
Winterfall E'ko Inv stone 01 [Winterfall E'ko] Winterfall Furbolgs Inv misc monsterscales 11 [Juju Power]

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