Bwemba at Stormwind Harbor.

Bwemba is a troll quest giver for both the Horde and Alliance, dealing with quests pertaining to Stranglethorn Vale that lead to Zul'Gurub. Following her quest chain will also reward a Ability mount blackpanther [Panther Cub] once Some Good Will Come is completed.

Horde (initial contact)
She is located in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar, standing outside the hut[32.2, 69.6]
that houses the cooking trainer, Zamja.
Alliance (initial contact)
She is located at Stormwind Harbor in Stormwind City, floating in her boat[26.4, 29.6]
with her warriors near her, unable to properly dock due to Alliance suspicions.


Horde Horde 15

Northern Stranglethorn
Cape of Stranglethorn

Alliance Alliance 15

Stormwind Harbor
Northern Stranglethorn
Cape of Stranglethorn

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