Buru the Gorger is a boss in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj.


One thing that's extremely useful against this boss is Greater Nature Protection Potions. Pass them out to all raid members and wait for phase 2 before consuming.

This boss fight is divided into two phases: Phase 1 is where you're destroying eggs to break his shell off. Phase 2 is where you're going all out DPS on him.

Phase 1 is very straightforward. When the fight begins, Buru will start following a random person. The key here is to pull him near an egg and then destroy it while he's on top of it. Each time an egg is destroyed, he will focus on someone else. You can tell who he's following by reading your chat. Always focus on taking two eggs at a time. Also, make sure you have a group taking out the elites that spawn from the eggs. If they build up on you they will more than likely kill your raid.

Phase 2 starts around 20%, Buru will start shaking and his shell will burst off. If you have any kind of Nature Protection Potion, now would be the time to use it. Elites will spawn so make sure you keep them feared while you're going all out DPS on Buru. Everyone needs to jump in and just plow on damage after damage. The faster you get him down the easier it is on the raid.


This boss looks like a giant tick... He cannot be tanked during stage 1.

This fight requires the raid to be divided into two groups. One to kill the broodlings, and one to kill the eggs.

When the raid is ready to begin everyone should start damaging the egg closest to the raid. Get the egg to 5% and wait till Buru is directly over the egg. Then destroy the egg, this will damage him.

An emote will say "...and put his eyes on X", and he will chase down that person (X). The person being chased needs to kite him around the area by running on land as much as possible and not in the water. Keep kiting him till the raid has the next egg ready to be destroyed. Healers must heal the kiting player during the kiting.

When a eggs is destroyed a broodling will usually pop out. Again, half the raid should focus on killing the broodlings, until they are dead, then assist in killing the eggs. When one egg is destroyed (again only when Buru is over the egg), the group killing the eggs needs to move to the next egg in a clockwise fashion. This will conitnue till he reaches 20% where his shell will explode off exposing his brains. This will trun him into a more traditonal boss which can be dpsed down... And DPS him down you must.

He now will do a debuff to everyone which does massive damage. You have more or less 30 seconds to kill him or it will be a wipe. All healers must be dpsing as well as much as possible.

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