Bro'kin is a level 49 alchemy vendor located on top of the northern wall of the Ruins of Alterac in the contested territory of Alterac Mountains. There is a ramp on the inside of the keep wall that will take you to the top of the wall at [43.9, 21.7]

See Alterac Mountains NPCs.

Sells Edit

Bro'kin sells the elusive Inv scroll 06 [Recipe: Frost Oil] in limited supply.

Notes Edit

  • Why a merchant like Bro'kin, who depends on visitors for trade, would set himself up in such a remote, dangerous, and inhospitable location is unknown. It is likely, however, that he capitalizes on trading with the local Ogres and Syndicate, organizations that typically find it hard to associate with legitimate merchants.
  • To get to Bro'kin, you will either need to defeat or avoid the ogres guarding the ruins.

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