Brewnall Village [49, 51]
is a tiny dwarven village established near Gnomeregan in New Tinkertown. It serves as a home for the Barleybrews, who constantly work to experiment and improve on the venerable dwarven beer brewing tradition. The Barleybrews send young dwarves out on missions to protect the village and seek out secret ingredients for the ultimate ale. This small settlement on Iceflow Lake[59, 42]
boasts the finest beers and ales in Khaz Modan. Brewnall’s citizens are all brewers or connoisseurs and will take up axe and sword to defend their drinks from roving monsters. Raging Trollmasher is one of their strongest ales. Brann Bronzebeard looks forward to the time when pandaren first set foot in Brewnall.[2]


Quest givers


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