Achievement worldevent brewmaster Neutral 15 Brewmaster 10 Money achievement
Complete the Brewfest achievements listed below.
Reward: Title <Brewmaster>

The Brewmaster achievement is related to the seasonal yearly event Brewfest. Once obtained, you will be rewarded the title <Brewmaster>. Completing this achievement is also criteria for the meta achievement Achievement bg masterofallbgs [What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been]. This meta achievement was first completable during Brewfest 2009.

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Most of the Brewfest achievements can be completed by doing things at the Brewfest camps, set up just outside Horde 15Orgrimmar or Alliance 15Ironforge. Many require earning Inv misc coin 01 [Brewfest Prize Tokens] from completing the daily quests available at the brewfest camps. Some require killing Combat 15 [80+] IconSmall DarkIron Male Coren Direbrew in Blackrock Depths.

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