Inv misc coin 01200200

This item is available as part of the Brewfest event.


This item is a quest reward from the following quests:


Here is a list of ways to get tokens.

Quest Neutral 15 [70] There and Back Again - 15 Tokens
After you have completed the quest Neutral 15 [70] Now This is Ram Racing... Almost., you may pick up this quest. You must travel to either to Kharanos/towards Razor Hill on a ram mount and run near Flynn Firebrew for Alliance or Bok Dropcertain for Horde. The NPC will have an arrow over his head if you have the quest, so that it is easier to see. He will throw you a keg and you must return it to the quest giver. Do this circuit 3 times in 4 minutes to complete the quest.
Event - More keg runs
After you complete Neutral 15 [70] There and Back Again, you may request one more 4-minute ram ride from the quest-giver for the day. For every circuit you complete, you gain another 3 tokens. The timer on this is separate from your daily quests, and will reset 12 hours after you requested another mount.

Daily quests - 15 Tokens (There are two quests available per faction, but you may only complete one per day.)
Also done after Neutral 15 [70] Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. Two stands at your faction's Brewfest will seek barkers do advertise for them. You must run to four different locations in your factions respective Brewfest-hosting city on a ram mount. (Orgrimmar for Horde, Ironforge for Alliance) The ram mount is needed to complete the objectives, but you may use your regular mount to return to the quest giver after you have barked at all 4 locations, if you see fit.
Alliance 15 Alliance locations: In front of the Bank, Military Ward, Hall of Explorers, and Mystic Ward.
Horde 15 Horde locations: Valley of Strength (Auction House), Valley of Honor (towards battlemasters), Valley of Wisdom (Thrall's stronghold area), and Valley of Spirits (Troll/Mage area, portal area).
Event - Dark Iron Dwarves.
Every half hour, a legion of Dark Iron Dwarves will pop out of tunneling machines in the ground. You must toss [Complimentary Brewfest Sampler] at the dwarves in order to stop them from stealing the Kegs. You gain the samplers by looting them from the tables all around the Brewfest area. After you have a mug, use it to drink and toss the mug to a dwarf in front of you. After tossing, your sample will re-fill, allowing you to continually toss the mugs.
Once the Dwarves have retreated, a daily quest (This One Time, When I was Drunk...) appears, allowing you to turn it in for 15 tokens.

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