Brewfest kegs

Brew Festive Keg can be found on the Brewfest Grounds outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge during the Brewfest event.


Using the Brew Festive Keg will fill your equipped Brewfest Stein with a sample of the brew the keg holds. Alternately, you can use your equipped Brewfest Stein in the vicinity of a Brew Festive Keg to fill them up. When you spend at least 10 seconds drinking a brew you can handle (under your level), you will gain a stamina and spirit Well Fed buff. The buffs vary, see individual articles for details.


Every 30 minutes when the Dark Iron dwarves attack, these objects turn into NPCs (have a health bar representing beer contained in the keg) and must be protected or they'll be destroyed. You'll notice that the NPC versions will have a purple arrow above them. Any kegs that are drunk dry by the Dark Iron Dwarves will be replaced by a keg that is smashed in; when the Dark Iron Dwarved depart, the keg will disappear. A successful defense (at least one keg is not drunk dry) will reward the area with a lootable cog object that gives a daily quest as a reward (the hard part is done, just run to the end point within the Brewfest). Destroyed kegs will respawn a while before the next attack.

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