Breath is a stat that comes into play when the player is swiming and goes underwater. It is a blue meter that once had a duration of 60 seconds, but was changed in Patch 3.0.2 to 3 minutes. Players must be careful to return to the surface and replenish their breath before their breath meter runs out, especially if combat is initiated, or they will begin to take large chunks of health damage every second, and eventually drown. Also, if the character swims too far into open water Fatigue will also apply whether they are on the surface or underwater. If the fatigue bar runs out, the player will start taking damage and die.

While it is imperative that a player recover his breath, it can be a viable PvP tactic to stun or root players in place while underwater and allow them to drown.

Though the breath meter lasts three minutes, there are ways to counter the drowning mechanic:

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