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This item is rewarded from Neutral 15 [60] Return to Bodley.



Where to find Haunted Loci INTRODUCTION

Contained within these pages are the locations of the fallen and corrupted spirits and souls involved in the Lord Valthalak's Amulet Incident. Though you have already saved these former companions of mine, it would be my conjecture that repugnant echoes of the evil that once twisted their spirits still linger at those haunted loci. Such was the malevolent power of Lord Valthalak's spirit.

Additionally, the brazier can be used to summon forth Lord Valathalak, though as before, extreme caution should be taken in doing so.

INTRODUCTION, continued...

The brazier itself functions just as the Brazier of Beckoning did. Simply place it within range of any of the five haunted loci and it will invoke the spirits of the dead.

As a side note, because I know that you'll be interested in knowing, the Banner of Provocation can be used in similar fashion at the arena in Blackrock Depths. Be sure to teach Theldren and his goons a lesson for me every time you get a chance when you're there.

Read on should you desire further enlightment.


Night Elven Priestess of the Moon

When Isalien decided to take her leave of the company, she did so with the intention of making a pilgrimage to Dire Maul, the fallen, ancestral night elven city once known as Eldre'Thalas. Therein still stands a library of great knowledge, a sanctum that a small number of night elves have been able to hold back the tide from. She was intent upon finding answers both to her heritage and possibly concerning the amulet pieces. It should be noted that she was also a good friend of Falrin Treeshaper.

ISALIEN, continued...

Unfortunately, as she and her companion hippogryph, Empyrean, were entering the city, they were assailed by Alzzin the Wildshaper and his minions. There she fell, never to rise again. Perhaps it is for the best that Isalien never unlocked any further secrets from the evil magic that Lord Valthalak put into containing a portion of his essence in the amulet.

The open-aired chamber where Alzzin resides is one of these haunted loci.


Tauren Druid and First to Fall

Mor Grayhoof was ever a stalwart and trusted companion within The Veiled Blade. It is unfortunate that he was the first to fall to Lord Valthalak's evil minions.

As we fled from Valthalak, we were being pursued by a veritable army of his spectral assassins and stalkers. The flight from Blackrock Spire was chaotic, to say the least. Unfortunately along the way, Mor somehow lost his footing, though I suspect that he was pushed. In any case, he fell down in to the recesses of the lower portion of the spire.

MOR GRAYHOOF, continued...

Later, we discovered that Mor had actually survived the fall. But there was to be no happy ending for my good friend; he was taken prisoner by the trolls of Tazz'Alaor. Not long after, as he was being tortured by War Master Voone, a group of Valthalak's assassins jumped in and finished the job.

Should you seek to raise the echo of Mor Grayhoof's spirit, War Master Voone's chamber is a haunted location.


Siblings and would-be members of the Scarlet Crusade

Jarien and Sothos were two of the most intolerant people that I knew. Yet their skills as combatants were exceptional, and they came from money, which I suppose is why Anthion, the leader of The Veiled Blade, kept them on.

The siblings eventually found themselves enamored with the teachings and philosophy of the Scarlet Crusade. They had always exhibited a certain zeal in vanquishing any of the Scourge that we ran across in our travels, and it was suspected that their family had ties to the organization.

JARIEN AND SOTHOS, continued...

So it was that they found themselves facing the trials that are required of those that seek to join the Crusade. Of particular interest to them was a position of knighthood within the ranks; something that required more difficult testing apparently. For it was later discovered that Sothos actually failed his final test. Jarien would not have it though, and in open defiance she insisted that he be able to join her amongst the knights. From what we have gathered, Grand Crusader Dathrohan slew them both right on the spot in the middle of his chambers.

Thus it is that another of these haunted loci is The Crimson Throne inside The Scarlet Bastion at Stratholme.


Two-Headed Ogre Necromancer

What can be said about Kormok? He was a two-headed ogre of the caster variety who didn't used to be all that bad. When we first took him into the fold it was as a prisoner on some job we'd accepted in Burning Steppes. He proved himself invaluable in helping us to get out of a sticky situation we fell into there, however, and so he came on as one of the company's premier mages.

The odd thing about him though was the completely different nature of his two heads. One was always cheerful if not a little foolish, while the other was sly, calculating and had an almost dead look to its eyes. Kind of creepy really.

KORMOK, continued...

Later, through the course of our travels, Kormok became exposed to the necromantic side of magic. Unfortunately the creepy head exhibited an affinity for raising dead spirits, and took a perverse pleasure in it, especially in summoning forth the exiled spirits of Purgation Isle to do his bidding.

After the company disbanded, Kormok enrolled at the Scholomance to further his 'education'. The spectral assassins found entrance to the school all too easy, and slew him right there in front of his new master, Ras Frostwhisper.

This makes Ras Frostwhisper's chamber one of the haunted locations where the brazier can be successfully utilized.


Draconid Noble and former General of Blackrock Spire

Before General Drakkisath, there was Lord Valthalak, a draconid warlock of immense power. It is common for the leadership of the Spire to change hands, and unfortunately for us, we were going to play a part in the latest shift in power.

We'd been commissioned by a goblin smuggler-wizard out of Booty Bay, Gremnik Rizzlesprang, to steal Valthalak's spellbook. We don't know if he wanted to study it or sell it (or both), and it doesn't matter now. What does matter is that we infiltrated the upper reaches of Blackrock Spire and slew Lord Valthalak in his lair. That's when the fun really began.

LORD VALTHALAK, continued...

We had no idea of the depths of Valthalak's magical knowledge where soul-manipulation was concerned, or we probably would never have taken on the job in the first place. But take it we did, and it proved to be the last job we ever would take.

Having slain Lord Valthalak, and taken his spellbook, Kormok must have sensed something about his amulet. He insisted on taking it as his share of the loot, which quickly devolved into a heated argument, and almost a fight, over the thing. We didn't know at the time that the amulet actually housed a good portion of Valthalak's spirit; we found that out later, much to our displeasure.

LORD VALTHALAK, continued...

Splitting the amulet into pieces, we fled from the newly risen ghost of Valthalak, as well his army of spectral assassins. And the noise we made fighting over the amulet had roused a number of the Spire's remaining defenders!

Almost all of us made it out of Blackrock and thought we were safe. But, even from the beyond, Valthalak sent his minions at us no matter where we hid. The Veiled Blade soon broke apart after that mission, and then we were really easy pickings.

As you must know, this makes Lord Valthalak's abode, what is now The Beast's chamber in Blackrock Spire, the last of the haunted locations.

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