Brave Stonehide

Stonehide pre-Cataclysm.

Brave Stonehide is a tauren PvP accessories vendor located in the Hall of Legends[40.2, 71.8]
in the orcish city of Orgrimmar.


PvP Accessories
Item Price Level Type
[Combat Healing Potion] 10Silver1 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 35 Potion
[Combat Mana Potion] 10Silver1 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 41 Potion
[Major Combat Healing Potion] 2 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 61 Potion
[Major Combat Mana Potion] 2 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 61 Potion
[Star's Lament] 12Silver1 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 55 Drink
[Star's Tears] 1Gold1 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 65 Drink
[Scout's Tabard] 50 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 1 Tabard
[Stone Guard's Herald] 100 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 1 Tabard
[Horde Battle Standard] 500 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 1 Reusable
[Greater Inscription of the Gladiator] 165 Pvpcurrency-honor-both 70 Enhancement

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