Brackenwall Village, named for its proximity to the Brackenwall, is a small Horde-affiliated outpost in northwestern Dustwallow Marsh. It is run and populated mainly by ogres, and its population is approximately a hundred denizens including the wind rider wyverns.

Brackenwall is the oldest Horde presence in Dustwallow Marsh. It is also the home of the Stonemaul ogres, who had maintained a village of their own but were driven out by agents of the black dragonflight. The Stonemaul ogres have remained allied with the Horde since the Third War, when the half-ogre Rexxar defeated their leader in combat and took command of the tribe. Daelin Proudmoore’s loyalists harass Brackenwall, but Jaina Proudmoore keeps her own troops reined in. Most of the Horde members here try to trade with Theramore peacefully, but there are a few that organize groups to attack travelers.[1]

Brackenwall is unique in that it is the only Horde town that isn't made up of the main (playable) Horde races or variations of them. The village was built by the Stonemaul ogres after their original village was ruined by the black dragons to the south. The Stonemaul have been allies of the Horde ever since Rexxar bested their brutal chieftain, Kor'gall, and assumed the title for his own. After the Stonemauls aided in the battle against Admiral Proudmoore's naval fleets, Rexxar handed over leadership of the clan to Mok'Morokk.


  • Brackenwall Village contains a flight master and a group of vendors. An inn, along with a mailbox, was included into the village as of patch 2.3
  • Horde 15 Balai Lok'Wein sells the manuals for [Expert First Aid], [Heavy Silk Bandages] and [Mageweave Bandages].
  • Due to its proximity to Onyxia's Lair, this town was often used as a staging ground for Onyxia raids (for Horde players). As of patch 2.3 however, Mudsprocket is much closer to the dragon's cave and is more suitable for raid rendezvous.
  • Contains a number of quest givers who give a few quests.

Flight Paths

Neutral 15 Mudsprocket, Dustwallow Marsh
Neutral 15 Gadgetzan, Tanaris
Neutral 15 Ratchet, Northern Barrens
Horde 15 Orgrimmar, Durotar
Horde 15 Crossroads, Northern Barrens
Horde 15 Thunder Bluff, Mulgore
Horde 15 Desolation Hold, Southern Barrens
Horde 15 Westreach Summit, Thousand Needles

Brackenwall Village NPCs


Various Services

  • IconSmall Orc FemaleHorde 15 Shardi <Wind Rider Master>

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): Brackenwall Village now has an arrow on the minimap that points to it when you get within range.


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