Bough Shadow

Bough Shadow

Bough Shadow [90.3, 40.1]
is located in the northeastern corner of Ashenvale, just beyond Forest Song. It contains one of the portals to the Emerald Dream. The guardians Phantim and Dreamstalker, along with other dragonkin, guard it. The majority of the dragons inhabiting the area are green dragonspawn, who patrol the in 3-man groups consisting of an Emeraldon Oracle accompanied by Emeraldon Boughguards and/or Emeraldon Tree Warders.


One of the four corrupted green Dragons of Nightmare - Boss 15 IconSmall DrakeGreen Emeriss, Boss 15 IconSmall DrakeGreen Lethon, Boss 15 IconSmall DrakeGreen Taerar, or Boss 15 IconSmall DrakeGreen Ysondre - would randomly spawn here on occasion. They were tough and required a raid to take down.


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