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Loot Edit

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Commander Sarannis
(Normal and Heroic)


[Prismatic Mittens of Mending]

[Towering Mantle of the Hunt]

[Syrannis' Mystic Sheen]

[Libram of the Lightbringer]
[The Keystone] (Quest)

High Botanist Freywinn
(Normal and Heroic)

[Aegis of the Sunbird]
[Stormreaver Warblades]

[Energis Armwraps]

[Obsidian Clodstompers]

[Enchanted Thorium Torque]
[Plans: Earthpeace Breastplate]
[Botanist's Field Guide] (Quest)

Thorngrin the Tender
(Normal and Heroic)

[Dreamer's Dragonstaff]
[Runed Dagger of Solace]

[Gauntlets of Cruel Intention]

[Pattern: Battlecast Pants]
[Arcane Netherband]
[Ring of Umbral Doom]

(Normal and Heroic)

[Devil-Stitched Leggings]

[Boots of the Shifting Sands]
[Mantle of Autumn]

[Spaulders of the Righteous]

[Mithril-Bark Cloak]

Warp Splinter
(Normal and Heroic)

[Greatsword of Forlorn Visions]
[Warp Splinter's Thorn]
[Warpstaff of Arcanum]

[Incanter's Robe]
[Warp Infused Drape]

[Moonglade Cowl]
[Warpscale Leggings]

[Beast Lord Cuirass]
[Tidefury Helm]

[Warhelm of the Bold]

[Netherfury Cape]

[Pattern: Whitemend Hood]
[Ace of Furies]
[Bangle of Endless Blessings]
[Jagged Bark Pendant]
[Primal Nether]
[Top Shard of the Arcatraz Key] (Quest)

Warp Splinter
(Heroic Only)

[Feral Staff of Lashing]

[Boots of Ethereal Manipulation]

[Boots of the Endless Hunt]

[Gauntlets of Dissension]

Shared Loot Table (Heroic) Edit

All Botanica bosses share the following loot while in Heroic mode.


[Badge of Justice]

[Brutal Tanzanite]

[Imperial Tanzanite]

[Mysterious Fire Opal]

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