A bonus roll is a system introduced in Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria that allows players to earn tokens via dailies, specific mob drops, specific container objects, or killing rare mobs. These tokens can then be used to during Raid Finder rolls to have a chance to get some extra money, gems, flasks, or a very small chance to get an epic item.

During a loot roll, a special window will popup asking if you want to use a bonus roll token.

Bonus roll tokens

In Patch 5.3

As of Patch 5.3, bonus rolls are affected by Loot Specialization.

In Patch 5.2

In Patch 5.2, the bonus roll feature was added to Pandaria world boss drops. Also, the [Mogu Rune of Fate] was added that replaced [Elder Charm of Good Fortune] as the reward from the weekly turn-in quest in exchange for [Lesser Charms of Good Fortune]. [Mogu Rune of Fate] can be used for Throne of Thunder bonus rolls.

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