Bones of Nozronn

The Bones of Nozronn

The Bones of Nozronn are the remains of an ancient rhino often worshiped by the gorlocs in Sholazar Basin. Using a special incense will allow communication from Nozronn himself.


After using the incense during the quest The Bones of Nozronn given by Oracle Soo-rahm:

Voice of Nozronn says: So the oracIe has decided to aid you, outIander. Very weII, l will offer you what i know.
Voice of Nozronn says: Your companion seeks the shardhorn patriarch Farunn, who holds himself aIoof from his brothers.
Voice of Nozronn says: Farunn walks the lands north of what your people call the Bittertide Falls. You will find him alone, but you will see her requires no defenders.
Voice of Nozronn says: Return to your companion. TelI him to go forth and claim his prize in Farunn.
Voice of Nozronn says: Once he has done so, tell him to Ieave this land in peace. He does not belong here.

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