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This article is about the main timeline clan before Warlords-Logo-Small Warlords of Draenor. For lore on the alternate timeline version, see Bonechewer clan (alternate).

The Bonechewer clan was known for ornamenting themselves with bones and other organs in battle, and for their cannibalistic nature.


Beyond the Dark PortalEdit

The Bonechewers stayed in Draenor when the orcs first crossed the Dark Portal, and were spared the defeat that ended the Second War. When Ner'zhul was preparing the Horde of Draenor to reopen the Dark Portal, the Bonechewers were attacked by his clan, the Shadowmoon clan, because one of their captains possessed the Skull of Gul'dan as a trophy. Their camp was obliterated and the skull reclaimed.[1]

Soon after, Tagar, along with Fenris of the Thunderlords, decided to attempt a foray into Azeroth, rising to the challenge and succeeding where their predecessors failed. Ner'zhul refused their suggestions and their clans were slaughtered.

World of WarcraftEdit

One of the realms in World of Warcraft is named after the Bonechewer clan.

The Burning CrusadeEdit

Hellfire CitadelEdit

Some of the Bonechewers survived and to this day they can be found scavenging used equipment in Hellfire Peninsula. Hellfire Ramparts is filled with Bonechewers.

Bonechewer RuinsEdit

The forces of Thrallmar did all that they could to stop the fel orcs contained in Hellfire Citadel. However, a number of Bonechewer fel orcs managed to escape to the Bonechewer Ruins.[2] They wasted no time in constructing fortifications and repairing the buildings, working day and night.[3] Both Shadowstalker Kaide and Theloria Shadecloak were sent by the Horde and the Alliance, respectively, to end with the threat.

The Bonechewer clan collaborated with the Firewing blood elves on the project at Firewing Point,[4]. Their part in the plan consisted of keeping the Alliance and the Horde busy[5][6] so that the Firewing could complete the mana bomb to destroy their strongholds in Terokkar Forest.[4] Lisaile Fireweaver was employed as a contact between the Bonechewer clan and the Firewing blood elves, and she gave orders to the fel orc leader.[7][8]

Shadowstalker Kaide and Theloria Shadecloak could have informed their superiors about the situation and received reinforcements, however Theloria Shadecloak thought that it would leave Allerian Stronghold vulnerable to attack while Shadowstalker Kaide didn't want the inevitable scrutiny of Thrallmar.[9][10] With the help of adventurers they succeeded in slaying enough fel orcs to hamper their part in the Firewing Point project.

Known membersEdit

Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Fel-sworn Gurtogg Bloodboil Alive Halls of Anguish, Black Temple
Neutral 15IconSmall Orc Male Hurkan Skullsplinter Chieftain (Penultimate one) Deceased
Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall FelOrc Male Tagar Spinebreaker Chieftain (Last one) Alive Path of Glory, Hellfire Peninsula


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