Bold Karasshi is a jinyu warrior and a member of the Pearlfin tribe that becomes affiliated with the noble Alliance. He is the older brother of Little Lu.

In Mists of Pandaria

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Sometime after the Alliance and Horde arrived to Pandaria, Bold was suddenly captured by the Forest Hozen, who became affiliated with the Horde. He, along with Admiral Taylor were imprisoned in a Hozen prison. He was later rescued by an Alliance adventurer, who first encountered Bold. Working together, they were able to free the admiral and all their comrades from the Slingtail Pits.

After escaping their Horde captors, the Alliance and Jinyu prisoners were able to seek sanctuary in Pearlfin Village, home of the Pearlfin tribe. Bold Karasshi convinced his people to allow the Alliance to stay in the Village until Admiral Taylor has fully recovered. Even before the Alliance formalized their association with the Pearlfin Jinyu, Karasshi became a helpful ally of the shipwrecked Alliance survivors as he sent his brother Little Lu to guide the SI:7 agents in the foreign wilderness.

Later on, after the Pearlfin Jinyu pledged their allegiance to the Alliance, Karasshi was tasked in training many young jinyu to prepare for the upcoming battle against hozen and the Horde.


Slingtail Pits
Pearlfin Village


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