Spell shadow deathscream Neutral 15 Bloody Rare 25 Money achievement
Kill all of the extremely rare and hard to find Outland creatures listed below.

Combat 15 Ambassador Jerrikar
Combat 15 Bog Lurker
Combat 15 Coilfang Emissary
Combat 15 Collidus the Warp-Watcher
Combat 15 Crippler
Combat 15 Doomsayer Jurim
Combat 15 Ever-Core the Punisher
Combat 15 Fulgorge
Combat 15 Goretooth

Combat 15 Hemathion
Combat 15 Kraator
Combat 15 Marticar
Combat 15 Mekthorg the Wild
Combat 15 Morcrush
Combat 15 Nuramoc
Combat 15 Okrek
Combat 15 Speaker Mar'grom
Combat 15 Voidhunter Yar
Combat 15 Vorakem Doomspeaker

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This achievement is the same as Medium Rare except that instead of killing one of the mobs you have to kill all of them. Check out the Medium Rare page for more information on where to find the mobs, including a nifty macro to automatically target any of them if they're close.

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