Bloodvenom Falls

Bloodvenom Falls

Bloodvenom Falls is a corrupted waterfall high in Felwood. It is the source of the Bloodvenom River. The corruption of the Falls is carried beyond Felwood, as the Bloodvenom River cascades down the mountains to become the tainted Wildbend River in Darkshore.

On the eastern side of Felwood, near the center, is a waterfall of sludge that feeds all the rivers and other bodies of corrupted water in the area.[1] (LoM 14) Once a shimmering waterfall fed by pure springs, these falls now spew putrid water. Venomous poisons pump out of a cursed earth, spilling over a rocky edge into a pool of sinister jade. The night elves claim that drinking the waters will kill you, and being doused by the waters burns like acid - if one is lucky, that is. Rumors suggest that the vile water twists those it touches, birthing evil creatures to wreak havoc upon the countryside.[2] (WRPG 201) This is where the demons go to make sure the water stays polluted. Oozes and slimes are found here, no matter how many are destroyed, there seems to be dozens more. There are also “elementals” formed from the sludge — disgusting monstrosities, their numbers are endless. They appear to be corrupted water elementals. This is not a good spot for a picnic.[1] (LoM 14)


This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

Darkness has invaded this swamp. Even the treants have been warped by its influence. The tileset is called "Felwood".[3] (WC3MP )


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