The Bloodstone Artifacts are several blood-red gems holding great force. They were held by the Forsaken in a secure vault in the Undercity, but were stolen by a group of traitors, led by Kegan Darkmar and brought to the Dalaran Warden Belamoore in the Lordamere Internment Camp. Wordeen Voidglare wants them back in Horde 15 [34] Prison Break In.

The bloodstones are:

There seems to be a fifth one which Warden Belamoore studied and was stolen on the way to Dalaran, presumably by the Syndicate. Then the Argus Wake made the Inv jewelry necklace 05 [Bloodstone Amulet]s and the Inv misc orb 03 [Befouled Bloodstone Orb] out of it to conjure demons. But it's strange that Wordeen didn't mention this stone when he wanted them regained.


According to the studies recorded in Belamoore's Research Journal these stones fool most tests and are neither living, nor dead. They attract and drink blood, which they seem to be made of, and are fused with all elemental forces (fire, water, thunder and rock). She also felt the presence of a deep, hidden, hungry power, yearning for release. Kegan Darkmar describes them as remnants of the Old Gods and terrible weapons. The Befouled Bloodstone Orb, described as an arcane magical relic, is different as it's used to conjure demons. Also it's presence is similar to the terrible power the demons held over the orcs when they drank the demon blood.

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As described, these Bloodstone Artifacts seem to be connected to the Old Gods, as their powers are like the Old Gods yearning for release and holding elemental forces. Also, there is a lot of speculation about an Old God in Tirisfal Glades, so Old God artifacts being in Lordaeron, a city in Tirisfal, is not far fetched. Perhaps it is the solid byproduct of the Tirisfal Old God (if one exists), alike to Yogg-Saron's Saronite. Kegan Darkmars description seems to be right. The befouled Bloodstone Orb in contrast reminds more of the Blood of Mannoroth as Tor'gan feels it and it's connection to demons.

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