Bloodgulch[54.1, 40.9]
is a Dragonmaw clan outpost in the Twilight Highlands. It is located south across the Verrall River from the Wildhammer town of Thundermar and northwest of Dragonmaw Port.

The outpost is dotted with severed and chopped remnants of black drakes, and the orcs here use powerful magic to bind other drakes to their will. They strike out against the Twilight's Hammer clan beyond their walls, discovering Cho'gall's plans run deep in the Highlands. They also take advantage of the weakness of their dwarven neighbors, attempting to rout them from the hills and secure their abandoned supplies.

Flight paths

Horde 15 Crushblow, Twilight Highlands
Horde 15 Dragonmaw Port, Twilight Highlands
Horde 15 Krazzworks, Twilight Highlands
Horde 15 Gullet, Twilight Highlands


Quest givers/enders
  • Horde 15 IconSmall DrakeBlack Torth <The Ravenous>



The name is likely a reference to the Halo: Combat Evolved map, Blood Gulch. This is reinforced by the presence of an NPC named Griff whose name is very similar to that of Pvt. Dexter Grif in the Halo Machinima series, Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles which was set primarily in the Blood Gulch map. There is also a quest given by Narkrall Rakeclaw named "Drag 'em Down", which could reference to the Halo map "Hang 'em High".

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