For the harpy with the same name, see Bloodfeather.

The Bloodfeathers are a group of red-white-plumaged harpies found residing all around the Oracle Glade in Teldrassil.

The Oracle Tree attempted to send a runner to Darnassus with a report, but the messenger was attacked and killed by a group of the harpies.

They are known to carry some belts.[1]

Known members

Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Harpy Shelda Fury Killable Oracle Glade, Teldrassil


Witchwing matriarchy

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For some reason, Serena Bloodfeather leads the Witchwing matriarchy in the Barrens even though she shares the same name with the Bloodfeather matriarchy in Teldrassil. Her deceased sister, Bloodfeather, was the previous leader of the Witchwing matriarchy until she was killed by Rexxar.


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