The Blood Steward of Kirtonos is a level 43 elite succubus found in the Reliquary in Scholomance.

She was added in a patch as an additional source of Blood of Innocents. But to get to her, you need to clear nearly the entire Reliquary. It's optional to kill her as Jandice Barov and Doctor Theolen Krastinov will also drop the Blood.

Miscellaneous Fun

She can be enslaved by a warlock.

She guards a book lying on a table titled "The Scourge of Lordaeron" which tells of Kel'Thuzad releasing the plague of undeath on the City of Lordaeron and of Prince Arthas' failed attempts to save the city. As he tracks the plague to Northrend, Arthas comes to wield the cursed sword, Frostmourne, but yields his soul as well. The Prince ultimately becomes one of the Lich King's greatest death knights.


Inv potion 24
Inv jewelry talisman 13250250

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