This year we had the opportunity to do some short interviews with various cosplayers that roamed the halls of the convention. We saw a large assortment of characters across all the franchises - and there were already some Overwatch costumes! You can check out some of the other game cosplays in our earlier blog.

Sylvanas & Lor'themar Edit

BC 2014 Cosplay Int
Lor'themar Theron57
BC 2014 Cosplay Int 1
Dawn Bright & Owen Lord

Sylvanas Windrunner & Lor'themar Theron
Creation time: 75 hours/200 hours
Bondo, spray foam, wonderflex, all homemade
Contests: D23, WonderCon (Dawn, winner)
Experience: 4 years

Sites: Dawn - Facebook

Maiev Edit

Maiev TBC
BC 2014 Cosplay Int 2
Nicole Beaugrand

Maiev Shadowsong
Creation time: 3 months

Experience: First year

Valeera Edit

BC 2014 Cosplay Int 3
Kat Gunn

Valeera Sanguinar
Creation time: 3 months
Experience: Part time for 2 years
Contest: BlizzCon 2006 Runner-up

Sites: Twitter, Facebook

Rogue and Onyxia Edit

BC 2014 Cosplay Int 4
Bill & Brittany

Rogue & Onyxia
Creation time: 1 week/1 month
Experience: 5 years
Doing it all for fun!

Site: Punished Props

Countess von Kerrigan Edit

BC 2014 Cosplay Int 5

Countess von Kerrigan
Creation time: 3 weeks
Experience: 6 years

Sites: Facebook, Twitch
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