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Blessed Prayer Beads is a quest-reward trinket from a Priest-only quest line involving Sunken Temple. It is argued to be the best reward option from that quest (even for Shadow Priests), as the other reward choices (Inv jewelry ring 32.png [Circle of Hope] and Inv wand 09.png [Woestave]) are easily replaced by gear from instances as low as Stratholme and Scholomance.


Blessed Prayer Beads is a quest reward from the quest Blood of Morphaz. This is a chain that starts with High Priest Rohan (Alliance) or Ur'kyo (Horde).

Effective Spell Power

Assuming this trinket were activated every cooldown, it would grant:

101 * 20 / 120 = 101 * 1 / 6 = 101 / 6 = 16.83 Spell Power

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