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A blacksmithing trainer is an NPC that offers blacksmiths the opportunity to train and learn recipes.

Trainable rank Trainer Location Coordinates
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Female Blacksmith Calypso Bc icon Odesyus' Landing Azuremyst Isle [46.4, 71.1]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Tognus Flintfire Kharanos Dun Morogh [45.3, 52.0]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Smith Argus Goldshire Elwynn Forest [41.7, 65.6]
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Male Miall Bc icon Traders' Tier the Exodar [60.0, 89.6]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Bengus Deepforge The Great Forge Ironforge [51.0, 43.0]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Therum Deepforge The Dwarven District Stormwind City [63.8, 37.2]
Alliance 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Taryel Firestrike Lor'danel Darkshore
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Female Clarise Gnarltree Darkshire Duskwood [74.0, 48.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Dwukk Razor Hill Durotar [52.0, 40.7]
Horde 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Female Arathel Sunforge Bc icon Farstrider Retreat Eversong Woods [59.6, 62.6]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Saru Steelfury Valley of Honor Orgrimmar [82.1, 23.0]
Horde 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Bemarrin Farstriders' Square Silvermoon City [79.5, 39.0]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Karn Stonehoof High Rise Thunder Bluff [39.0, 56.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male James Van Brunt The War Quarter Undercity [61.2, 29.9]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Traugh The Crossroads The Barrens [51.3, 28.9]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Guillaume Sorouy The Sepulcher Silverpine Forest [43.2, 41.0]
Neutral 15IconSmall Goblin Male Brikk Keencraft Booty Bay Stranglethorn Vale [29.0, 75.5]
Master Neutral 15IconSmall Draenei Male Onodo Bc icon Aldor Rise Shattrath City [37.5, 30.4]
Neutral 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Barien Bc icon Scryer's Tier Shattrath City [43.4, 64.9]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Humphry Bc icon Honor Hold Hellfire Peninsula [56.8, 63.8]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Rohok Bc icon Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula [53.2, 38.2]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Grutah Bc icon Shadowmoon Village Shadowmoon Valley [29.7, 31.5]
Grand Master Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Argo Strongstout Wrath-Logo-Small Valiance Keep Borean Tundra [57.2, 66.6]
Alliance 15 IconSmall Dwarf Female Rosina Rivet Wrath-Logo-Small Valgarde Howling Fjord [59.6, 63.8]
Alliance 15 IconSmall FrostDwarf Male Brandig Wrath-Logo-Small Frosthold The Storm Peaks [28.9, 74.9]
Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Crog Steelspine Wrath-Logo-Small Warsong Hold Borean Tundra [40.8, 55.3]
Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Female Kristen Smythe Wrath-Logo-Small Vengeance Landing Howling Fjord [79.2, 29.0]
Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Borus Ironbender Wrath-Logo-Small Agmar's Hammer Dragonblight [36.6, 47.1]
Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Male Josric Fame Wrath-Logo-Small Venomspite Dragonblight [75.9, 63.2]
Neutral 15 IconSmall Human Male Alard Schmied Wrath-Logo-Small Tanks for Everything,
Magus Commerce Exchange
Dalaran [45.5, 28.0]
Neutral 15 IconSmall Orc Female Rekka the Hammer Wrath-Logo-Small Argent Tournament Grounds Icecrown [71.9, 20.9]
Armorsmithing Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Grumnus Steelshaper The Great Forge Ironforge [50.2, 42.8]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Shayis Steelfury Valley of Honor Orgrimmar [80.3, 23.2]
Neutral 15IconSmall Mag'har Female Zula Slagfury Bc icon Lower City Shattrath City [70.1, 42.0]
Neutral 15IconSmall Human Male Orland Schaeffer Wrath-Logo-Small Tanks for Everything,
Magus Commerce Exchange
Dalaran [45.0, 28.4]
Weaponsmithing Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Ironus Coldsteel The Great Forge Ironforge [50.5, 43.3]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Kelgruk Bloodaxe Valley of Honor Orgrimmar [81.9, 18.3]
Neutral 15IconSmall Mag'har Male Kradu Grimblade Bc icon Lower City Shattrath City [69.2, 44.8]
Neutral 15IconSmall HighElf Female Imindril Spearsong Wrath-Logo-Small Tanks for Everything,
Magus Commerce Exchange
Dalaran [45.5, 28.4]

Patch changes

In Patch 2.3, Blacksmithing profession trainers were changed to train up to Artisan level (skill level 300), and any redundant trainers in capitals were changed into simple apprentices without practical function.

With the arrival of Wrath of the Lich King Wrath-Logo-Small, Naxxramas was moved from above the Eastern Plaguelands to Dragonblight. Master Craftsman Omarion used to be found inside the Deathknight Wing, but seems to have been removed from the instance when it was moved to its new location.

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