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{{infobox instance
|name=Blackrock Caverns
|ss=Blackrock Caverns loading screen.jpg
|loc=[[Blackrock Mountain]]
|boss=[[Ascendant Lord Obsidius]]
|level=80 - 81
|bosses={{Blackrock Caverns}}
'''Blackrock Caverns''' is the first of two new wings in [[Blackrock Spire]] introduced in ''[[World of Warcraft: Cataclysm]]''. It is designed as a 5-man instance for players level 80 to 81. It is a series of tunnels created by [[Deathwing]] from the [[Twilight Highlands]] to Blackrock Mountain. Here the twisted [[Twilight's Hammer clan]] is transporting their supplies back and forth from the highlands and practicing the mysterious dark arts that transform the zealots into dragonspawn. The forces here are led by the [[Ascendant Lord Obsidius]].
Players will need to be level 80 and find the entrance to Blackrock Caverns in order to use the [[Dungeon Finder]] for the instance, but only need to be level 77 and own {{cata-inline}} Cataclysm to enter Blackrock Caverns via the [[instance portal]]. The entrance is just off of the main ring in [[Blackrock Mountain]] on the non-jumping path to Blackrock Spire. Head to the eastern side of the ring to see the summoning stone for Blackrock Spire and follow the path. As it turns north there is a blockade blocking the way. Look right to see the instance line.
Location: Head towards the Blackrock Spire entrance portal, and take a right. Follow the hallway and take the first left. Follow this path until there’s a fork going left down a walkway, and straight upwards. Take a right down the path (or jump, for those daredevils out there) and take another right. Voila. Alternatively, take the Mole Machine from Finkle. {{ref web
|url =
|title = Cataclysm Dungeon Location Gallery}}
==Dungeon denizens==
*{{Race|BloodElf|[[Blood elves]]}}
*{{RaceIconExt|BoundEarth}} [[Bound earth elemental]]s
*{{RaceIconExt|CoreHound}}{{RaceIconExt|CoreHoundPup}} [[Core hound]]s
*{{RaceIconExt|DireOrc}} [[Dire orc]] (one, [[Raz the Crazed]])
*{{RaceIconExt|DrakonidTwilight}} [[Drakonid]]s
*{{RaceIconExt|AscendantEarth}} [[Earth ascendant]]s
*{{RaceIconExt|Fire}} [[Fire elemental]]s
*{{RaceIconExt|MercuryOoze}} [[Mercury elemental]]s
*{{RaceIconExt|OgreLord}} [[Ogre lord]] (one, [[Rom'ogg Bonecrusher]])
*{{RaceIconExt|Ogre Mage}} [[Ogre magi]]
[[File:Blackrock_Caverns_bosses.jpg|thumb|270px|Blackrock Caverns Bosses]]
{| class="darktable"
! Bosses || Monsters
|- valign=top
;[[Chamber of Incineration]]
*{{RaceIconExt|OgreLord}} {{NPC||Rom'ogg Bonecrusher}}
*{{NPC||Crazed Mage}}
*{{NPC||Mad Prisoner}}
*{{NPC||Twilight Flame Caller}}
*{{NPC||Twilight Sadist}}
*{{NPC||Twilight Torturer}}
|- valign=top class="alt"
;[[Halls of Awakening]]
*{{RaceIcon|Human|Female}} {{NPC||Corla, Herald of Twilight}}
*{{NPC||Evolved Twilight Zealot}}
*{{NPC||Twilight Zealot}}
|- valign=top
;[[Twilight Forge]]
*{{RaceIconExt|DrakonidBlack}} {{NPC||Karsh Steelbender}}
*{{NPC||Bellows Slave}}
*{{NPC||Conflagration (mob)||Conflagration}}
|- valign=top class="alt"
;[[Beauty's Lair]]
*{{RaceIconExt|CoreHound}} {{NPC||Beauty}}
*{{NPC||Lucky (mob)||Lucky}}
*{{NPC||Spot (mob)||Spot}}
|- valign=top
;[[Scar of the Worldbreaker (Blackrock Caverns)|Scar of the Worldbreaker]]
*{{RaceIconExt|EarthenNorth}} {{NPC||Ascendant Lord Obsidius}}
*{{NPC||Defiled Earth Rager}}
*{{NPC||Incendiary Spark}}
*{{NPC||Twilight Element Warden}}
*{{NPC||Twilight Obsidian Borer}}
{{main|Blackrock Caverns loot}}
*{{achievementlong|Blackrock Caverns (achievement)}}
File:Blackrock Caverns Map.jpg|Map of Blackrock Caverns as of BlizzCon 2009
File:Blackrock Caverns Core hounds.jpg
Normal mode:<br>
Heroic mode <br>
<youtube>7ocBtoWi0RA</youtube> <br>
How to find Entrance <br>
<youtube>6URUR0qStlY</youtube> <br>
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{{Blackrock Caverns Subzones}}
[[Category:Blackrock Mountain]]
[[Category:Blackrock Mountain]]

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