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;[[Scar of the Worldbreaker]]
;[[Scar of the Worldbreaker (Blackrock Caverns)|Scar of the Worldbreaker]]
*{{RaceIconExt|EarthenNorth}} {{NPC||Ascendant Lord Obsidius}}
*{{RaceIconExt|EarthenNorth}} {{NPC||Ascendant Lord Obsidius}}

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Blackrock Caverns is the first of two new wings in Blackrock Spire introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It is designed as a 5-man instance for players level 80 to 81. It is a series of tunnels created by Deathwing from the Twilight Highlands to Blackrock Mountain. Here the twisted Twilight's Hammer clan is transporting their supplies back and forth from the highlands and practicing the mysterious dark arts that transform the zealots into dragonspawn. The forces here are led by the Ascendant Lord Obsidius.

Players will need to be level 80 and find the entrance to Blackrock Caverns in order to use the Dungeon Finder for the instance.


Dungeon denizens



Bosses Monsters
Chamber of Incineration
Halls of Awakening
Twilight Forge
Beauty's Lair
Scar of the Worldbreaker


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