Blackfathom Myrmidons can be found in Blackfathom Deeps.


  • Ability warrior disarm  [Disarm]ω ϖ—Disarms an enemy, forcing it to stop wielding its weapon for 10 sec.

Pick pocket

Item Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv box 01 [Battered Junkbox]20Pick PocketJunk14.9
Inv misc shell 01 [Scallop Shell]1Pick PocketJunk8.8
Inv misc fish 30 [Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish]15Pick PocketFish6.1
Inv potion 51 [Healing Potion]12Pick PocketPotions2.0
Inv misc gem pearl 03 [Small Lustrous Pearl]15Pick PocketGem0.2
Inv misc monsterscales 08 [Shiny Fish Scales]1Pick PocketReagent0.2
Inv boots 05 [Brocade Shoes]18Pick PocketFeet (Cloth)0.2
Inv sword 04 [Warped Blade]19Pick PocketOne-Handed Sword0.2

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