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Binary Brew is the September Brew of the Month.


This is only available to members of the Brew of the Month Club, which can only be joined during Brewfest.

All members of the Club get free sample of the brew in their in-game mail at start of September. Should you want more, your local Brew of the Month Club Brew Vendor sells it in stacks of six till the end of September, but you will only be able to access it until Brewfest starts. You will have to buy another membership form before the end of September if you want more during Brewfest.

On the first of September, members receive the following in game mail:

A Brew You'll Love

Hi <name>,

Our brew this month is a polarizing one; you either love it or like it. We'll let you decide.

If you enjoy this brew, you can purchase more from our vendors.


- Brew of the Month Club


  • Upon drinking one of these, the player will be able to speak in "Gnomish Binary" as Alliance (the buff is called "1000001", which means "A" in ASCII) or "Goblin Binary" as Horde ("01001000" = H in ASCII) for a short duration.
  • The given language will appear in the language-options where it can be turned on and off as with any other language.
  • Only those also affected by the buff will be able to understand you through /say or /yell.
  • The buff will end after 5 minutes, at which point the player will have to drink more Binary Brew in order to continue yapping in binary.
  • Speech in Party, Guild, and specific chat channels (Local, Trade, Local Defense, custom created channels, etc) is unaffected by the buff.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like drinking Binary Brew will allow a player to "read" the binary-text punch cards in Gnomeregan[1][2]
  • As Horde and Alliance will end up speaking different versions of binary, it is impossible to talk with the opposite faction using Binary Brew.[3]
  • Drinking one of these will also create a Empty Brew Bottle that can be targeted and thrown.


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