For information on the Hakkari items in Zul'Gurub, see Hakkari Bijou.

Bijou is a level 58 quest giver goblin found in Lower Blackrock Spire.

Bijou was hired by the Kargath Expeditionary Force to investigate the Blackrock orcs. She was also able to hire out to Kibler at Flame Crest for some sideline work. (While she derides Kibler's animal business, she doesn't actually offer an alternative answer to what she is doing for him....)

The night before the character meets her in the instance, she had set off a tripwire in the Firebrand legion area, and had to flee without recovering her recon gear ... including her notes. She cajoles the character into recovering the notes so she can send her report out to Lexlort. Because of the threat posed by the Blackrock clan, she offers a copy of the report to Alliance characters, despite her not being an alliance sympathizer.

See Blackrock Spire NPCs.


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