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This item is provided for Horde 15 [44G] The Star, the Hand and the Heartω τ ϖ.


The Star of Xil'yeh

An Ogre in Alterac, Grel'Borg the Miser, was the last known owner of this gem. Whispered to empower its owner with the ability to commune with other worlds, sources tell us Grelborg wanders the Ruins of Alterac in the Alterac Mountains, searching the rubble and debris for more relics.

The Hand of Dagun

Dagun is a creature of the deep waters, worshipped by Murlocs in Dustwallow Marsh. They entice him to the surface with a special sea kelp, enchanted by their shamans. Hunt the Murlocs, gather their enchanted kelp, then place it on the Murloc's altar. Dagun will come, and you will be waiting.

I want that hand.

The Legacy Heart

Old texts say that he who possesses the Legacy Heart fears not the grave. Perhaps this is true, for the owner of the heart, The troll Mogh, is known as Mogh the Undying. A witchdoctor of the Skullsplitter Tribe, Mogh dwells in Stranglethorn in the Ruins of Zul'Mamwe.

Bring me these items, The Star, The Hand and The Heart, and I will give you a copy of the Yagyin Digest.

The Keeper

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